Digital Ticks - Be a part of this revolution, invest in DTX utility token

Digital Ticks Exchange (DTx) is just not another crypto to crypto exchange but is also a semi-algorithm platform provider in its own. DTx plans to cater to all types of crypto assets as well as commodity to crypto assets. DTx would be power packed by a lot of advanced features including all the basic features of an exchange required by a novice trader to a professional trader as well as for a high frequency trader.

In terms of security DTx is taking extra precautionary measures to avoid any kind of hacks like DDoS attacks, phishing attempts and by also performing vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. DTx has installed robust technologies behind the scene that could handle heavy volatility of the crypto markets as well as commodity markets which can handle upto 1,000,000 orders per second.

Digital Ticks Exchange team believes into robust technology, ahead of industry standards in terms of providing customer service to its stakeholders as well as traders. Digital Ticks Exchange team ensures all its traders to have a smooth and user friendly trading experience.

Digital Ticks Exchange would not levy any transaction charges for first few months of inception thereby giving traders to trade on zero transaction charges. DTx would give volume-based incentive for high frequency trader (HFT) which would give them scope for retaining higher profitability in the trade.


DTx token would be available for purchase to public. DTx Token is an UTILITY Token. A strict limit of 128 MM DTx tokens will be created, never to be increased. DTx token will be a ERC20 compatible token and built on Ethereum blockchain technology.
DTx token sale will be open for pre-sale from 25th March 2018. One can purchase DTx token by giving equivalent amount of BTC / ETH / WIRE TRANSFER. Wire transfer would be acceptable through our Intermediaries across the globe.

  • Token Name: DTx
  • Token Platform: Ethereum ERC – 20
  • Purchase Method: BTC/ETH/Wire Transfer
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Pre – Token Sale Period: 25.03.2018 – 15.04.2018
  • Pre – Token Sale Price: 1 DTx = 0.30 USD
  • Public Sale Period: 15.04.2018 – 15.06.2018
  • Public Sale Token Price: 1 DTx = 0.375 – 0.700 USD
  • Soft Cap: USD 5.7 Million
  • Hard Cap: USD 30 Million
  • Unsold Tokens: It will be burned after Token sale ends

DTx token sale would start from 15:00 hours (GMT+4) 25th March 2018, investors can buy the token in following phases. The early they buy the more benefit investor would get as the price would increase at every next level.

DTx Tokens can be purchased by exchanging equivalent amount of BTC / ETH / WIRE TRANSFER. Wire transfer would be accepted through our Intermediaries across the globe.

Distribution and Fund Usage


The DTX platform platform is the first ever commodity to crypto exchange to be built by the traders for the traders. With a simple to use User interface, it is designed to be used by both the novice as well as experienced traders.
  • They are bringing the first ever commodity-crypto exchange.
  • The advanced features on the exchange will enable everyone from the novice to the experienced traders to thrive.
  • DTX has also installed robust technologies behind the scene that could handle the substantial volatility of the commodities and crypto markets. They will be able to handle up to 1,000,000 orders per second.
  • Digital Ticks Exchange team believes in robust technology, ahead of industry standards.

►Features – (To be rolled out on platform in following order)
  • Crypto- Crypto Currency Pair
  • Commodity- Crypto Pair
  • Spot Trading
  • Futures
  • Algorithms & High Frequency trading
  • Decentralized (on-chain) exchange
  • Much more for ease of doing trading…
► Trading Coins / Commodities
Digital Ticks Exchange would support following trading coins / commodities: BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO, DTx, GOLD, SILVER.

More trading pairs would be added over a period of time as per the demand of the trading community. If you wish to list a coin or any other financial instrument on Digital Ticks Exchange in future, participation in token sale will help.

We value and protect your privacy and the security of your wallet. Digital Ticks Exchange team has undergone lot of security checklist to keep client assets and personal data safe. Funds not necessary for immediate withdrawal are held in secure offline air gapped cold storage.

Cold storage in the context of Bitcoin refers to keeping a reserve of Bitcoins offline. This is often a necessary security precaution, especially dealing with large amounts of Bitcoin. Digital Ticks Exchange typically offer an instant withdrawal feature, so to minimize the possibility that an intruder could steal the entire reserve in a security breach, we will follow a best practice by keeping the majority of the reserve in cold storage, or in other words, not present on the web server or any other computer.

► Multi Signature Wallets
Digital Ticks Exchange would be using Multisignature (often called as multisig). Multisig is a form of technology which is used to add additional layer of security for cryptocurrency transactions. Funds can be withdrawn  through  Multisig wallet only if 2 out of 3 registered signatures matches on Blockchain Technology

► Two-factor Google Authentication (2FA)
Digital Ticks Exchange enforces two factor authentications (2FA) at the time of log in as well as at the time of withdrawal of crypto assets. Withdrawal of crypto assets would also require an email confirmation to protect the security of the user.

► DDoS protection
Digital Ticks Exchange would be using DDoS protection for its exchange to protect their users from any type of hacks. A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is an attempt to exhaust the resources available to a network, application or service so that genuine users cannot gain access.

► Trading features
  • Trading multiple instruments: Trader can have an option to put multiple orders together in different instrument at the same time through a dedicated window provided by the Digital Ticks Exchange .
  • Single Click Portfolio View: Trader will have an ease of looking at multiple instruments on a single screen named as portfolio view.
  • OCO (One cancels the other) Order: Digital Ticks Exchange understands the unexpected volatility of cryptocurrency which can come at any time during 24 hours. Digital Ticks Exchange therefore believes in providing an ease to the trader by giving an option of OCO trading. Trader can place a square off order as well as the stop loss order simultaneously on the exchange and as soon as either of the order gets hit another order would automatically get cancelled, thereby provide trader with an ease of doing trading.
  • Trading through mouse and use of HOT KEYS: Digital Ticks Exchange believes in providing utmost ease of trading and for the same Digital Ticks R&D team would also provide with an added feature of shortcut keys named as “Hot Keys” which would make trading easier for volume-based traders and High frequency traders to execute the trades. HOT KEY facility would be available on .exe set up only.
► Trading fees and incentives
  • Volume based discount Model: Digital Ticks Exchange would provide trading fee discount for its High- volume traders. To avail the Volume based discount a trader would require to hold 2000 DTx tokens in their wallet on the Digital Ticks Exchange with a minimum lock in period of 1 month. The details of same would be updated on website under Latest News section.
  • Maker & Taker concept: Digital Ticks Exchange would be providing fee incentive to Maker. As the name suggests a trader who provides depth and liquidity on the exchange would be termed as maker, hence he would be eligible for a fee incentive, the details of which would be published through announcements on website under Latest News section. A taker is one who typically trades on the market prices and thereby their trades are considered as active trades.
  • Minimal Trading Fees: Digital Ticks Exchange believes in giving more depth and liquidity to the participants by reducing the transaction charges. Digital Ticks Exchange would publish the competitive transaction charges on the website through the announcements.
► Multiple device compatibility
Digital Ticks Exchange believes in giving ease of trading to its registered users and to do so Digital Ticks Exchange would provide multiple device compatibility through cross platform trading benefits to their registered users
  • Web based trading client
  • PC (windows) native client
  • Android Native app
  • IOS native client (pending App Store review)
  • API


► Exchange Commission Fees: Digital Ticks Exchange initially will operate on zero transaction cost for its early adopter trader. However, their will be a charge of 0.1% on value going further down the line. Other features like maker-taker, volume-based incentives would be introduced subsequently from the date of operation of the exchange. Digital Ticks Exchange would have no plan to charge above 0.1% on value.
► Withdrawal Fees: Digital Ticks Exchange may charge a small fee for withdrawal.
► Listing Fees: Digital Ticks Exchange would be happy to list the tokens/coins/commodities depending on their innovations and demand from trading community. However, there may be a fee associated towards the listing process.
► Other Fees: Digital Ticks Exchange may charge a small fee for other features available on platform which would give ease of trading to traders.



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