GrabAMeal: share your passion for food with guests from around the world ​

GrabAmeal, the peer to peer meal sharing platform is meant for starting home based restaurants where food buyers will get to buy quality and freshly prepared homemade foods from expert cooks, homemaker, or professional chefs. At one go if this meal sharing platform serves the purpose of finding quality foods at cost efficient price, it will work as an interactive blockchain empowered platform for staring a home-based business based on passion for serving tasty healthy foods for your guests.

Why food sharing: culinary passion

Culinary skill is something special that brings satisfaction for the food buyers. Those who love to cook and experiment with different types of food preparation; they take great pleasure also in serving the foods for food aficionados. Sharing meal for passion is exciting no doubt, but if sharing the food passion with guests from all around the world generates prestigious earning scope, it is a double benefit for a food enthusiast. GrabAMeal platform offers the immaculate opportunity to start a home based food serving business, which is a wonderful pass time as well as it can earn money for you as your added income.

Why food sharing has become important

Staying away from home has become a common lifestyle, be it for education, service, or simply for personal discretion. Spicy hotel foods cannot be taken at regular course and people in an average is now food conscious. While being away from home, if someone wants to have regular food just like home cooked meal, it is a great support for enjoying healthy life style and healthy food habit. Homemade fresh cooked food is best available from home restaurant, which is best available on GrabAmeal symbiotic food market. Food sharing has become important because of its 2-way benefit, and as an opportunity provider platform, GrabAmeal is accumulating great popularity worldwide.

How guests will find the food on GrabAmeal

Food specialists will have great networking opportunity on GrabAmeal. The virtual marketplace works on simple process:

**Buyers have to register their profile, territory, and KYC details

**Cooks will have to provide the details of his/her food menu and dining venue

**Buyers, after the registration, can browse the site and can order quality foods from his nearest locality.

**Once the buyer is satisfied with foods and other food serving factors, he can review and rate the seller, which helps the startup to grow more professionally.

Ini semua tentang pembagian makanan di platform GrabAmeal. Selain membuat restoran rumahan, This is all about food sharing on GrabAmeal platform. Besides making a home restaurant, this is an immaculate way to earn money by doing small and friendly networking on the stand.

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4 Big Benefits of GrabAMeal Meal Sharing: Eat Well, Pay Smart

GrabAMeal is a global food platform that runs on peer-to-peer network and it is empowered by blockchain.

The blockchain integration to GrabAMeal ensures trust and transparency between users of this platform which is about sharing home cooked meal by passionate cooks and professional chefs for food enthusiasts looking for buying freshly prepared meals according to buyer’s choice.

While the platform GrabAMeal offers unique business opportunity for food sellers, at the same time it offers 4 big benefits for food buyers using this blockchain integrated food market place for finding and ordering their homemade meals.

Complete transparency in food search

You can search GrabAMeal platform for finding the food you are looking for purchasing. You can run your search area wise so that you can get to find fresh homemade food at your nearby location. If it is a nearby spot, you can have your food at the dining venue of the cook if he had no option to do the home delivery of your ordered meal.

You can use the power of social networking

GrabAMeal offers you unique power of social networking to create trust, honor, and transparency for both sellers and food buyers. While sellers can review and rate a buyer about his behavior and buying habits, a buyer can rate a food seller about his culinary skill, dining venue, and zeal to satisfy the food buyer. This mutual review system is a reciprocally good impetus to behave well and enjoy good rating.

You will get home made fresh meal and pay smart

By ordering homemade food on GrabAMeal platform food buyers will get to enjoy quality home cooked food. You can pay the food seller by GAM token by using the GAM wallet. The blockchain integration will take care of transparency and will support trust system between buyer and seller. In fact paying by crypto coin is the smartest way to stay safe in a decentralized manner.

You can participate in dispute resolution of GrabAMeal and earn

As a buyer, you can always ventilate your opinion if there is a professional dispute between a buyer and a seller.

As a food buyer you may cast your vote: as the remuneration of your participation in dispute resolution, you can earn some money in your account.

These are 4 major benefits of using GrabAMeal platform. This is in fact one of the most reliable ways to enjoy meal sharing for the benefits of both food buyers and sellers.

GrabAmeal: the buyer listing process in peer to peer network

GrabAmeal: the buyer listing process in peer to peer network

GrabAmeal (GAM) offers immaculate opportunity for online food buyers who are fond of having homemade meals at their ready access. This virtual meal sharing platform runs on some pre-defined protocols that add complete transparency, trust, and convenience of the users. Buyers’ listing is one of the ID protocols of GAM that a food buyer (guest) has to fulfill before he starts using the platform.

The following steps are the ways GAM buyers can get them enlisted on the platform.

Step-1: Initial enlistment
  • · If you wish to enroll yourself as a buyer, you need to sign up as a buyer and you need to furnish your name and contact information.
  • · You will get to browse the site but you will not be eligible to book a meal after initial enlistment.
Step-2: KYC details submission

This is the process off authentication. You need to record basic KYC authentication by recording name, email, address, birthday etc. This is the time to provide a GAM Wallet address for your future use.

Documents needed:

  • · The user needs to upload an authentic proof of identification (driver’s license, passport, and home ownership).
  • · Will permit users for booking and placing order for meals on GAM platform.
  • · Higher cancellation fees will be entitled for buyers with unfinished profile.
Step-3: Opening of GAM Wallet and buying GAM token

In addition to fulfilling KYC requirements, user needs to open a GAM token account and purchase GAM tokens:
  • · This will permit users to place order and enjoy the privilege of lower cancellation charges
  • · This will assign equivalent amount of GAM tokens and will ensure reward for user for buying tokens up to a specified limit
Step-4: Updating profile at recurring basis

Ongoing profile updating: in addition to fulfilling basic requirements, buyer needs to place either order and provides review and rating for sellers. Seller has the provision to review and provide feedback.
  • · This will reward the buyer with additional GAM tokens for review of sellers or for participating in dispute resolution actions
  • · This will adjust buyer rating based on review given by sellers or on the basis of dispute resolution outcomes.
As the buyer continues to transact on the GAM platform, he receives feedback or provides feedback and ratings for sellers. The GrabAmeal Identification Protocol based on the ML algorithm for buyer ratings will reward or penalize the buyer and adjust the composite score.

All the data related to buyer’s profile will be recorded in blockchain so it cannot be modified of tampered. This safety will result into trust and transparency in the whole meal sharing economy system.

The GrabAMeal Platform: the key business value dynamics

GrabAMeal platform is integrated with blockchain to ensure complete trust, safety, and transparency for its users. However this per-to-peer network runs on key business value dynamics. It is defined by the core processes for thee facilitation of each class of investors.

The food marketplace of GrabAmeal will not work as an aggregator or an intermediary. Rather it will perform as a business enabler that initiates and implements processes that have the credibility to provide service to all stakeholders in a predefined way as described here:

Seller Listing — Professional chefs and other culinary experts with spare resources (time, space and help) should list their homemade meals and venue (home or a specific public place) along with pricing for the meal on the GAM platform.

The sellers will be authenticated by qualifying a GrabAMeal checklist and the KYC process.

Pricing — The pricing of GAM food will be sold in “Fiat Currency” as well as in GAM tokens. The token price will act as dynamic and it will reflect an amount based on the currency conversion rate. The token value will be set at a discount (excluding commissions) in accordance to the Fiat currency pricing.

Buyer Listing — Travelers and other local buyers should register and create a GAM token account with an e-wallet. Buyers will be authenticated by a simple KYC verification process. They will browse through the dining options and book their slots by signing up on the site and paying for the meal to the host.

Trust and Quality — The GrabAMeal platform will authenticate every seller and buyer through a process of authentication and trust, by implementing a blockchain based review and feedback machine which is completely online. GrabAMeal may permit a sovereign audit means involving 3rd party volunteers and food experts, who can get to verify seller’s’ offerings and also contribute in amicable dispute resolution processes set by the GrabAMeal platform.

Incentives & Rewards — GrabAMeal will charge from every buyer or sellers a very minimum commission for GAM token transactions, and will significantly decrease the cost of the freshly cooked tasty meals. Additional rewards and incentives in the form of GAM token shall accrue to user account for expansion for the GrabAMeal platform by counting active participation of the users.

The key components of value for every stakeholder of the GAM platform will mainly be:
  • Redeployment of values
  • Lesser Costs
  • Better quality and faith
Info About Token GAM

GAM TOKEN SUPPLY = 2,000,000,000
SOFT CAP = 1,000,000 USD
HARD CAP = 5,000,000 USD

PRE ICO Until 31 May 2018
ICO TOKEN SALE June 1, 2018 to July 18, 2018
STAGE 1 30% to 40%
STAGE 2 20% TO 30%
STAGE 3 10% TO 20%
STAGE 4 5% TO 10%




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