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The ICO Impressio Project aims to use blocking technology to create an environment where everyone can invest their money and make a profit. The author notes that in our day few people know how to optimize their investment and get the best out of them.

Development team

The project is run by the UK company Impressio Estate, Ltd and represents the idea of creating a global platform accessible to users from anywhere in the world.

On the project team on the official website, nothing was reported. The White Paper of the project simply says that it includes specialists from various fields: applied engineering, web development, marketing, and finance. It was also reported that in early 2017, someone named Josh Price and Evan White came up with the idea of an ICO project for private investors.

After a while, they decided to create a platform that would allow a large number of investors to participate in investing and making a profit. The Impressio platform, in turn, will be able to generate such transactions at the expense of commissions.

Platform Potential

Currently, Impressio is focused on applying the blockbuster investment platform, but its founders also intend to enter the lending sector by 2019. They note that they intend to use the unrealized block technology potential to maximize opportunities in investment and lending.

They are confident that the cryptocurrency market is expecting huge growth in the next few years, and the block system makes it possible to use money in a new revolutionary way. At the time of writing, the project location already allows you to use some investment plans.

Repeat public sales of the remaining token will take place in 2019, after which the credit platform will be launched. The goal of the project is to provide diversity for clients and create unique opportunities for maneuverability in the coming years. Token sales will lead to increased revenue, and the credit platform will allow project authors to get an entirely new source of revenue and attract a large target audience from users.

Thus, the survey results by Blockchain Capital in Forbes article published on the magazine page note that 30% of respondents aged 18-34 would prefer to invest at least $ 1,000 in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, rather than government bonds or stocks.

If in addition to analyzing statistics means that in recent years invested in the kriptovalyutnye market, it is clear that in the financial world there is a paradigm shift. From time to time, such a change takes place, and right now we are on the verge of one.

Description of key opportunities

The Impressio platform offers new opportunities for online business development and high revenue achievement for all interested parties:

  • the promising financial sector and extensive experience in narrow specializations allow sponsors to look forward to success in highly competitive environments, striving for market leadership;
  • instant processing of user requests for withdrawals (all orders processed quickly and automatically);
  • maximum data protection on platforms protected against external threats and checked daily for malicious code;
  • Regular payouts depend on the selected investment strategy (earnings can be transferred to the investor every day, every hour or at the end of the stipulated period);
  • The cost of platforms that users contribute to their revenue growth and earn additional income for the appeal of new investors through referral links and coupons for discounts;
  • A dedicated server allows developers to implement new features of the highest quality.

Advantages of the Impressio platform

Using modular technology as the basis for investment platforms provides ample opportunity for future development of the project. The project offers a number of advantages for various objectives and group of participants:
  1. Users.
  2. Merchants.
  3. For business development and security.
For users:
  • investment and credit projects;
  • investment programs with stable payouts (daily and even hourly);
  • instant filling of accounts and processing of applications for withdrawals;
  • active participant's remuneration (integrated reward system);
  • quick solution to any problem thanks to the 24-hour support service.

For merchants:

  • adapt code to any platform on the Internet with a high level of security.
  • own API platform for autonomous transaction processing systems with minimum commissions;
  • availability using any cryptocurrency for shared settlements;
  • support and software upgrades by experienced developers;
  • a system that encourages partners to promote both local and global platforms.
For business development and security:

  • cooperation with developers with mutually beneficial requirements;
  • rewards for errors found in software and searching for their solutions;
  • acquisition of skills in web development and professional growth.
ICO period and conditions
Official website:

At the time of review writing, the sell date for the platform token remains unknown, as are the basic conditions of ICO. As for the distribution of tokens, according to technical documents, the coins are planned to be divided according to the following principles:
  • stage of personal selling - 10 million;
  • public crowdsdale - 35 million;
  • development team - 10 million;
  • the first stage of remuneration (prize) and air catwalk - 15 million;
  • the second stage of payroll (bounty) - 10 million;
  • reserves - 10 million;
  • credit platform - 20 million.
In the site view, it has no signs of a security system, which makes it a potential victim for hackers.

Investors who use their services can be easy profits from cyber swindlers and lose their investment. Their personal information may also be stolen and used by third parties.

This project should be carefully inspected and monitored for its development, before trusting its own funds. Particular attention needs to be paid to the lack of data on development teams, road maps and very bad information about projects in the White Paper.

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