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About us

Our mission at CGCX is to offer best quality service with a wide range of products by providing innovative, secure & cost-effective solutions for customers and expand globally to be the leading blockchain solutions firm.

We offer a state of the art, highly sophisticated hybrid platform. Unlike most exchanges that offer only cryptocurrency trading, CGCX is uniquely positioning itself in the blockchain world by providing four platforms rolled into one to offer wide services to its customers namely Crypto Exchange, ICO Listing, Merchant Solutions, Smart Contracts.

CGCX endeavors to create a viable and bigger economy that can boost the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. It had established comprehensive methods that are capable of molding the foundation of a strong community of cryptocurrency users, including but not limited to companies, startups, traders, customers, and merchants. 

The team at CGCX has developed this platform to meet the increasing demands from the mainstream traders and investors also. We believe the ease of completing a transaction coupled with the reliability and security of the platform will broaden outreach and increase the presence of cryptocurrency. We will also channel some of our revenue towards obtaining an insurance cover that will provide financial protection for our users.

CGCX aims to scale to greater heights across the globe in the coming years with its planned expansion into other regions.  The launch of our sophisticated state-of-the-art hybrid crypto platform first of its kind in Singapore is the first step in our long journey to realize our vision of being a global leader in crypto exchange and blockchain solutions.

Merchant Platform

Their merchant platform allows users to engage with their trading partners. Our platforms can be integrated with the existing Merchant Sales System ("POS") and e-commerce system to receive cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange. Our data analytics engine will provide insight into customer behavior, spending patterns, and trend analysis so that traders can better position themselves to meet their customers' needs.

The merchant tools and payment gateways provide businesses with the perfect tool for managing the cryptocurrency. Traders can start receiving payments in cryptocurrency in just a few minutes by connecting to the payment gateway (if the business is running online), or installing the CGCX POS app (web and mobile-based app). After configuring the online presence of a business on their merchant list, merchants can start promoting their products and services to thousands of cryptocurrency users from around the world.

ICO Listings Platform

The CGCX hybrid platform not only allows their clients to trade confidently in all crypto but also allows new alternative coin publishers (altcoin) to register their tokens for trading.

New tokens can be listed in their pool for voting. The CGCX team will perform a due diligence review of the token in the list of lists. Once approved, tokens will be listed to choose among their platform users. Based on the voting result, tokens can be registered on the CGCX platform.

Smart Contract Platform

The current contract system is largely paper-based and therefore vulnerable to inefficiency, fraud and high transaction costs. When a merchant sends goods, he receives a list of listings. To obtain trade financing, for example through credit letters, this list of lists must be sent by courier to his bank and through many manually-managed checks and judgments in the system.

This process is relatively slow, which creates the need for a digitally efficient system such as blockchain. Our platform has the ability to program Smart contract, which can make payments automatically without human intervention. All tradable assets that may be represented through digital token and may be traded public may be used in this smart contract, subject to regulatory requirements.


Token Name: CGCX Token Token Symbol: CGX
Token Type ERC20
Maximum Supply Token 2,000,000,000 CGX
Token Sale Target 1,000,000,000 CGX
1 ETH 8500 CGX
Soft Cap 5 Million USD
Hard Cap in Token 1,000,000,000 CGX
SAFT 47,600,000 CGX
Pre Sale & Main Sales 9,52,400,000 CGX
ETH / BTC payment mode - Bank Wire Transfer


Features Token
  • Smart Contract
    CGCX token will be issued on blockchain Ethereum using Intelligent Contract.
  • Total Publishing
    The platform maintains a total publishing volume of 2 billion tokens.
  • Can be freely transferred
    CGCX tokens will be freely transferred on the Ethereum platform.
  • Support All
    CGCX Token supports all types of Ethereum wallets.
  • Standard tokens ERC 20
    The CGCX token is based on the standard ERC protocol 20 on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • TEAM

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