Bidium — advanced solution from trade, auction and hire freelance

BIDIUM is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that combines the power of Face Auction with Hiring Freelance over Blockchain Technology. It acts as a bidding market for buyers to purchase with freelance offerings and platforms for employers, who are looking to hire freelancers. Transactions can be done with the help of more than 10 coins. The exchange receives BIDM (Bidium original tokens), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other coins to be announced at a later stage.

This platform offers buyers and sellers the opportunity to save time because there is a limited timeframe of 24 hours to bid for any product. This will give the seller a guarantee to get an authorized buyer only, which in turn prevents their product from being blocked by a malicious buyer. In addition, the freelance platform will allow freelancers and employers to use our original coins by paying only 0.1% of the cost while the use of other coins will cost 1%.

The main benefit for sellers is that they will get a 50% share in the share, regardless of whether their products are sold or not and if their products are sold, even buyers will also get 30% share of the share if the product is sold. Sellers have the opportunity to sell multiple quantities of the same product in different slots.

The platform offers an adequate exchange solution along with an effective freelance platform supported with an interactive interface to make it a fun experience for the users. This platform facilitates light and fast trading techniques with 50% of revenues generated from trading. Revenue will be distributed among all BIDM token holders that are usually stored in BIDIUM’s wallet. There is no transaction fee for BIDM token transfers between BIDIUM platform users. In addition, only 0.05% trade fees will be charged on the exchange platform and will be further reduced to a 0.01% trading fee for BIDM token holders. Offline wallet will be developed to save BIDM safely. BIDM tokens will also be used to bid on products in the BIDIUM market.

Freelancing is another feature offered by the platform. Freelancers and Entrepreneurs will be able to use BIDM tokens with ‘NO’ transaction fees for offer platforms, free platforms, and trading platforms. Reviews and ratings for every company and freelancer will help in maintaining the history.

In short, our market structure consists of a network of various technical tools that will provide an opportunity for investors to benefit from markets without a centralized location. In our decentralized bidding market, we will provide buyers with access to different bids and give them the opportunity to transact directly with the seller rather than the centralized authority.

Freelance Platform Market Overview

Freelance Platform are also a potential market to explore considering the U.S market as, a case study, there are over 53 million people doing freelancing work in the U.S and this is an aggregate of 34% of the national workforce. The contribution of people that do freelancing, to the economy is estimated to be $715 billion. Research indicates that 32% of freelancers have experienced an increase in recent years while 15% have experienced a decrease. 8 Income stability and ability to find work has been a major barrier in this segment. Statistics also show that 69% of freelancers have attributed their success to technology.

In the UK, there are 1.4 million freelancers that are working across all sectors. The number of freelancers has grown 14% over the past 10 years and the flexibility that is offered by Britainǯs freelancers has added positive value to their economy.

Freelancing is seen as a lucrative career option as most graduates have chosen to work as a freelancer and freelancing economy is becoming a dominant factor among these. Over 69% of graduates have concluded that independent work gives them a better work-life balance and the ability to work on a variety of projects that cut across various platforms is appealing. Most people feel that they can earn more as compared to a traditional job.

Freelancing is a job that has flexible working hours. It is a great way to break out of the 9–5 and go it alone. It is a type of self-employment work that is very flexible. Freelancers can work on both small and long-term projects depending on their availability and skills. These tasks include designing a logo to build a website or it can also be writing a weekly blog post or editing a video.

The mode of operation of freelance work is initiated when employers post a job on a freelancing websites. Freelancers, who are keeping an eye on the job posts, contact them by explaining the reasons why they should be considered for a particular project. The employer simply chooses from a certain number of proposals and discusses the next steps. There is usually a mutual agreement between the two parties on how and when the projects will be carried out. The payment is made after the project is carried out to a required standard.

Token BIDM

Bidium uses a token (BIDM) to ensure peer-to-peer transactions are secure and hence no need for third parties such as Bank or government. Our technology provides an easy interface with light and fast trading. 50% of revenues from trading fees are usually rewarded among all holders of BIDM tokens stored in BIDIUM wallets if they fix their tokens in the slot period. There is no transaction fee for BIDM transfers between BIDIUM platform users and only 0.05% trade fees charged. In a scenario where you have a BIDM, a 0.01% trade fee will be charged. Bidium provides an offline wallet to safely store BIDM and tokens can be used to bid on products in the BIDM market.


  1. 45% of the funds will be allocated for temporary development
  2. 30% of the funds will be allocated for marketing. To carry out all legal procedures will have
  3. 5% of the funds and
  4. 15% will be allocated for backup.
  5. 5% Allocated Management including advisors and founders.



  1. 80% CROWDSALE
  2. 5%BOUNTY
  3. 2% ADVISOR
  4. 3%FOUNDER(Locked for 1year)
  5. 10%RESERVE (Every year 2% will dilute)





*Note Referall Will Get 25% Bonus




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