eCoinomic - Financial Services Platform for Crypto Holders.


eCoinomic is a Platform that focuses on providing and developing financial services, using Blockchain technology as the basis for its development.eCoComic provides a financial service that users can easily, safely and smarter. eCoinomic provides a better and smarter access to financial services for Crypto Holders.

Getting Started Development

eCoinomic is developed using a directly integrated system and resources that support the creation of a better financial ecosystem. eCoinomic uses Blockchain technology as the foundation of the Platform, using this technology eCoinomic will bring a better financial service to Crypto Holders worldwide. eCoinomic provides a financial service that will provide users with a management related to their digital assets. eCoinomic provides a lending, investing, hedging, exchange, and crypto payment service, wholly integrated directly into one platform that is reliable and smart. eCoinomic is developed by a team of experienced and professionals in the field, who see that the financial market today has many gaps. eCoinomic provides a secure lending system based on cryptocurrency. eCoinomic provides a better access to the user's investment in the long run or short. eCoinomic is also integrated directly into services like eBay and Amazon, allowing users to be able to pay directly using the eCoinomic payment line. Every transaction made by the user will be based on a CNC token, which can be used by the user to transact or invest directly in a long or short period of time. This token uses an ERC 20 system, based on Ethereum Blockchain. eCoinomic can be a short-term credit solution for startups that require fund injections or long-term or short-term investments. eCoinomic has a solution related to the use of muticurrency. eCoinomic receives more than 10 types of cryptocurrency and supports conventional currency for lending. eCoinomic uses an intelligent contract system, which will regulate every transaction performed by the user. eCoinomic aims to create a transparent and more profitable financial ecosystem and can accommodate the financial needs of users.

Reasons We Choose Blockchain

The blockchain is an immutable public ledger that records digital transactions. This technology was first introduced by an anonymous individual under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and has since revolutionized the way we conduct currency transactions worldwide. Blockchain enables trust to be distributed throughout a network, without the need for a central authority to track, verify and approve the digital exchange of value. It operates as a decentralized distributed database, maintaining a continuously growing list of records divided up into blocks. Legacy will take advantage of this technology to be decentralized and place its trust in its users. The blockchain is a fairly new technology and it is still in active development, improvements are happening continuously, and it has become more efficient and secure than the traditional antiquated systems, which is why banks, government, and other institutions are adopting the technology. Blockchains combine concepts of peer-to-peer networks, asymmetric cryptography, decentralized computing and smart contracts into a new technology platform. In short, blockchains are distributed peer-to-peer systems which implement a trustless shared public append-only transaction ledger.

In Conclusion

eCoinomic believes that with a team and a solid and reliable system, eCoinomic can provide Users, a secure and transparent financial service, and provide users with diverse benefits and conveniences in their every financial activity. The Team also believes that with systematic and professional development, the Team can build a better platform than similar platforms.





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