4NEW – FRNC ICO Waste To Energy Treatment Blockchain

What is 4New and KWATT?

Read this 4NEW ICO review before you buy KWATT.  4NEW is the world’s first blockchain infrastructure project.  The 4NEW project is the first ever eco-friendly blockchain solution that turns waste into energy by refining waste products into water and organic materials.  4NEW can create energy that is subsequently sold to the national grid or applied to ies own proprietary eco-friendly mining farm.  The cost to produce this energy is negated through the revenue fromm a variety of 4NEW services.  The services include: Waste collection services, sale of byproducts, administrative and facilitation fees, mining farm operations.  What makes all of this possible is 4NEW’s coin, KWATT. Each coin embodies 1 kW of electricity per annum. KWATT coin holders actively store energy through their coins and can use their energy in one of two ways: selling their energy to the National Grid or applying it towards 4NEW’s proprietary mining farm. Either way, coin holders benefit and energy is used efficiently.

Check out this video for a further explanation.

4NEW Blockchain & Token

The 4NEW decentralized, distributed ledger is where all actors in any industry will be able to transact using the KWATT coin. The coins are smart contracts which establish a binding relationship between transacting parties and provide a value for each transaction.

The ledger will provide an immutable and audit-able journal of all transactions related to purchase and sale of goods and services on the blockchain. With all parties to each transaction being able to see the same ledger entry, costs of reconciliation and potential issue of disputes and revenue leakage are controlled to a very large extent. This will standardize three industries of Waste, Energy and cryptocurrencies that are yearning for technological innovation. This will also enable KWATT

KWATT Token currently is an ERC20, Ethereum based smart contract. Upon completion of the blockchain development, the token will be swapped to the KWATT Coin that will interact with our blockchain.  The total coin offering is for three hundred million coins (300,000,000). This is a hard cap limit for the crowd sale offering.

In the beginning they will generate 10 megawatts of power every hour. 1 megawatt is eqvialent to 1000 kilowatts these powers 1000 households per day. This equates to 10000 households a day per hour or the plant will generate enough power 240,000 households a day.

The maximum annual output capacity of the plant is 346 million kilowatts per year. Due to maintenance and general down time for repairs to the plant, expected annual output capacity is estimated at 300 million kilowatts per year realistically


Users can decide which cryptocurrencies they want to mine with their KWATT Coin power. They will have access to the top twenty minable coins. The configuration will automatically determine the necessary hash rate for the particular coin, and the reward will be credited to the account connected to a 4NEW Wallet.

KWATT Coin mining capacity is pegged to the 4NEW energy output capacity, rather than a fixed mathematical rate. This allows 4NEW to expand their mining capacity to match competitive rates on the network.4

4NEW team

With the right team in place, success is assured. They have assembled the finest group of industry experts in blockchain, energy, business, and marketing to produce a platform built for achievement. Hailing from all over the world, 4NEW is being guided by the best the industry has to offer.  If you look over all of the team members and everyone that is on the advisory board. They have a highly experienced in all of their fields involved in every end of the project.  4NEW has a wining team to forward their project very far in the future.


How to purchase in the ICO

You can purchase 4NEW coin KWATT various different ways.  You can purchase via ETH, BTC, PIVX, DASH, Paypal, USD and GBP bank transfers.  When you  are ready to purchase you need to have Myetherwallet or some kind of wallet that accepts ERC20 tokens.  Do not send from an exchange address as you will not get any coins and you will not get your coins back.  Depending on how you want to pay they have detailed instructions on how to do it for each payment method.

4NEW Conclusion

4New claims they will standardize the waste and energy industries, which they describe as two industries in dire need of innovation and technological integration. They also foresee the 4New Coin becoming the global currency of peers and consumers for any waste or energy related services they seek. In addition to this information, 4New provides a wealth of other insight into their company and development plans.

Altogether, they claim their management team has over 300 years of combined experience and their research claims they’ll be able to provide a 15% to 20% savings to consumers. They also promise zero impact on the environment and compliance with all government regulations and standardized best practices.

In addition to offering a tangible value, 4New is fully blockchain integrated and has plans for state-of-the-art Smart Meters and a highly-regulated industry trading platform.

Principles on which companies work now are not always effective and transparent, and 4NEW is a future company where a smart contract determines the relationship between the parties to the contract.

Learn more on the site https://4new.io
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