MOZO Digital Platform In Building Shopping Mall With The Best Quality Level

The new era is increasingly bringing the various levels on various aspects increasingly with this increase provides a variety of ease of ease in building in business or business getting better and more increasing, the development of technology that continues to bring progress in the current era, clear bringing quality in various aspects continues to grow and flourish, fostering a variety of opportunities to find opportunities in order to build up the economy in order to continue and grow, bringing in increased growth in productivity in a company, increasingly building better performance, and bringing control in management is getting better organized, the current growth in ecomerce is increasing and this leads to an increase in the good opportunities in business to provide more and more profitable levels, and improvements in the quality of the business is getting well built, by providing various qualities such as on the marketed product the better, surely the more bring on the level of increasing demand, thus bringing the value of the product growing and increasing in the present and in the future which will come, therefore as a result of these improvements, are now getting more well under control.

 WhitePaper Mozo 

Currently along with improvements in technology, there is now a development in blockchain technology that is increasingly awakened and also increasingly directed to bring about various aspects of value and function, and this also on the quality level in a process on the increase in sales or trade will be more stable and increasingly balanced, with attention to the ecosystem in it, surely its more well directed to the process of improvement and also the potential of good in the present and the future.

Understanding MOZO, Is an innovation in an understanding improvement and also controls the improvement and process of a sale or trade in order to have a stable level of well-maintained, and also has a higher value in the market, and the level of demand is increasingly increasing, with a good level of control over decentralized network systems, and taking into account factors such as security level, then well-controlled service delivery and well-maintained interaction on platforms, along with more complete blockchain technology in building on the integrity of more and more sales good and as an easy solution to interact with various sellers, buyers are increasing in the present and in the future

The existence of the latest excellent Technology Mozo has had a good level of experience with various large malls that have had the best level of quality like Wanda Group. Suntec with IPS technology that has the best quality, together with team team that has experience in its field more complete in the form of creating high product quality in the market.

With a well-structured ecosystem cycle rate, and also having controls in a well-preserved ecosystem will surely provide the benefits of growth on the Mozo platform increasingly increasing and bringing increasing demand to a growing number of consumers or clients in the present and in the future will come, and lead to opportunities that are increasingly open opportunities in the increase in business or business is increasing, ecosystem cycles that continue to be stable and balanced certainly lead to stability in the product and the more has a good value in the market.

With a growing number of growing and growing interactions, Mozo is growing and increasing, due to the increase in the quality and the product that is introduced so that increasingly bringing the clients or customers increasing, MOZO keep improving the quality in service, and keep the stability in a system that is always stable and keep demand or demand is increasing in the present and the future.

MOZO Excellence:

1. Have a good reputation in product quality product
2. Best service service
3. A high level of experience and good
4. The system in MOZO is good
5. Control under controlled security
6. Easy to operate and understand
7. It's easy to find the full range of products


Presale activities were held on May 08, 2018
Presale activities ends on July 10, 2018
Tokensale activity was held on July 11, 2018
Tokensale activity ends on July 18, 2018
Total Supply token is 5 Bilion
Token For sale 700 Milions
Hardcap is 42 $ Milions
Price 0.09 $

Phase 2 On Q4 2018
Token For sale 500 Milions
Hardcap is 46 $ Milions
Price $ 0.12

Who can benefit from Mozo? 

Mozo can benefit anyone who wants to optimize and streamline the flow of regular customers. This means that the Mozo can help retailers and big retailers through tourism in bigger places like shopping malls, stadiums and even all countries. Consumers benefit from the fact that the domestic currency of the project becomes a single payment instrument. It will be very easy to make necessary purchases using mobile application.

It will be used on devices that allow you to interact with devices such as mobile phones with a touch screen and allow you to speak. Our marketers are using IPS (internal positioning) technology to communicate with customers using our Mozo application. Customers can be rewarded with mozo tokens when they visit the market area. When this customer discovers items added to one of our signs, the product information is also populated on their phones, in addition to the prizes given by the venue. These markings allow customers to interact with stores and venues in a completely new way.

Mozo Token's first application forms the basis for a Mozo awards-based solution for shopping malls that enhance and control mobility. Mozo tokens can be used as a reward and then used by any participant retailer in the Mozo network. Apart from this, Mozo can be changed as a gift in tokens, or sold through the selected exchange platform.

MOZO Team:

1. Giang Phung, CEO
2. Daniel Carroll, CFO
3. Thang Ton, CTO
4. Danny Do, CMO
5. Jake Byongsok Yu, CEO-Korea
6. Trang Le, Project Manager
7. Rebecca Chen, Public Relations
8. Dylan Jorn, Digital Marketing-USA
9. Beam Woo Choi, Digital Marketing - Korea
10. Hyun Min Roh, Digital Marketing - Korea
11. Que Tran, Big Data Scientis
12. An Tran, Core Developer
13. Mr. Truong, Core Developer
14. Toan Tran, Core Developer
15. Truc Thai Core Developer
16. Danh Ngo, Blockchain Developer
17. Vu Nguyen, Blockchain Developer
18. Thai Phan, Blockhain Developer
19. Dang Ngo, Mobile App Developer
20. Mr. Mai, Mobile App Developer
21. Mr. Nguyen, Web Developer
22. Thuc Anh, Web Developer
23. Tam Truong, UX / UI Designer
24. In Hyuk Jeong, UX / UI Designer
25. Kyu Ho Lee, UX / UI Designer


1. Avishai Ziv, ICO Advisor
2. Chong Kuan Yew, Fund Raiser
3. Jamees Phung, Fund Raiser
4. Chi Ngo, Blockchain Specialist
5.Daein Jeong, Big Data Expert
6. Steven Moustakas, Internet Startup Guru
7. Lee Mun Young Bussiness Advisor

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