Eterbase: Europe’s Regulation-Compliant Digital Asset Exchange

By 2018 now the world's crypto platform is increasingly competing with others, recognizing the decentralized nature of future project crypto projects. one of the hospitality platforms "ETERBASE" is a European based cryptocurrency exchange platform that complies with the rules of offering fast and secure trading across a clean system in its development. Come join us and find out how it works here.

The team from this project has designed an exchange platform with the quality of trade experience that is very far in providing the best quality in the first wave of exchange of digital assets.

Exchange Platform

Exchange Eterbase with user-friendly interface with as much intuitive trade as possible to place order to buy / sell and some original technical analysis system. The system is designed so that the interface is very functional and aesthetically appealing in the expected progress.
Eterbase's interest is developed into a global low latency trading exchange service using redundant and horizontal scalable architecture for account management systems that evolve in this eterbase.

Very attractive services to users of this platform eterbase platform and the following which need to be known is with low-level, high-speed, and low-level matching systems as one of the services of this platform system. Distribution through high-speed internal publisher / customer models and low latency. provide storage of user data and orders are constantly in the data base for the automatic lined to maximize the performance of this platform and architecture with autoscaling leaf nodes as well as real-time market data and order management combined with post processing asynchronously.

Client support

For most exchanges, customer service is an afterthought. Their customer service model is focused on resolving issues instead of serving users. Response times are painfully slow, and some exchanges don’t respond to written or telephone inquiries at all. Kraken, for example, is one of the leading exchanges, and when the demand for identity verification is high, it takes around 30 days to complete the KYC process required for Tier 4 verification. The ETERBASE customer support system will employ a human-centric customer service model to ensure that every incoming request, whether it is sales inquiries from prospective customers or support queries from existing clients, is efficiently managed and responded to. Studies show that exchange customer response time is a key when it comes to trader satisfaction.

Listing requirements

The company aims to provide a pragmatic environment for the listing and ongoing supervision of a wide range of blockchain-based assets. Despite the growing number of alternative coins and newly issued tokens, there is a significant lack of exchanges that provide support for more than 100 tradable assets. Initial listing fees and annual fees on their platform will vary according to the asset type rather than the market capitalization. Based on feedback we have received, the most inconvenient factor for newly formed coin and token communities is high listing fees. They intend to strengthen the whole ecosystem by opening additional space for promising coins and tokens that are having trouble getting listed on major exchanges.

Trading interface

The ETERBASE exchange environment features an intuitive trading interface for placing buy/sell orders and a native set of technical analysis tools. The interface system is designed to be highly functional and aesthetically appealing.

To provide a high level of manageability across a range of digital assets for professional and institutional traders, ETERBASE will implement a system to manage multiple sub-accounts. The latest information about portfolio performance and current prices across your sub-accounts can be conveniently accessed through the main account home screen.

Social Trading
Social trading creates a uniquely engaging trading experience by allowing the possibility of following and interacting with top traders and market leaders. This creates an opportunity for successful traders to monetize their knowledge of market events by earning XBASE rewards for providing signals and commentaries.

Data management

Developed in Node.js, the microservice framework is optimized to work in asynchronous and nonblocking modes to ensure high throughput. Persistent data will be stored in MongoDB databases in a highly-available setup with one primary member, two secondary members, and two arbiters. One of the secondary members will be used for regular backups via filesystem snapshots to ensure data consistency. This setup ensures there is no single point of failure and enables horizontal scaling of the infrastructure as needed. With increasing traffic, the system can be scaled easily by adding new servers. The load will be distributed across all available servers automatically


The network stack will utilize the latest hardware and optical networks to handle tens of gigabits per second of traffic without any delays. The digital asset exchange will cooperate with hardware suppliers and vendors to ensure that the server infrastructure stack will deliver the lowest possible latencies and the highest possible availability.

Payment Services Directive

The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) is going to have a major impact on competition between payment providers. The most important change is that banks will have to open their APIs so that the third-party payment providers can access a client’s data directly. In practice, this means that retail customers who hold multiple accounts in various institutions would be able to display all their banking information on just one platform, which brings benefits to smaller and emerging service providers such as ETERBASE.

Leadership Team

The Etherbase platform not only has the advantages of the system but also has a decades-old experience team in the financial sector, and the various fields required for the ETERBASE platform project, the Team of this platform is well aware of the industry's challenges of leading to the development of crypto, and this Team will also always overcomes these challenges directly, thereby encouraging the increased development of the Etherbase platform. Eterbase is very proud to work with a professional community, with you, and we invite you to know us a little better know more:

ICO will be held from August 2018 to October 2018. At this stage, the gift company allocated one percent of the total number of tokens, representing 10,000,000 Token Xbase. You can find the program at the link: standard conditions, only in providing ETH comment, be careful, the address can not be changed, and if there are not enough people in one way or pool company, the team will reduce this collection or distribute them to other companies. Token distribution as a percentage:

Social Media Campaign: 25%
Campaign Signature: 15%
Blog and Translation Campaigns: 30%
YouTube Campaign: 30%

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