KitToken: The Power Of Payment Service Based On The Blockchain Technology

KitToken is officially registered with the Malaysian government. KitToken will trade on exchanges that are compatible with the SEC, where you can buy and sell them profitably. KitToken can be used with existing point programs. KitToken can be exchanged for crypt and cash.

KitToken can also be purchased for items.KitToken is a self-managed financial system based on P2P transactions on an open source platform. This platform is called KitPay.KitPay will work as a centralized server within a decentralized blockchain infrastructure in an interconnected network.

KitPay will allow users to have a wallet that stores, transfers and markets KitToken in daily conventional business activities. KitToken holders will benefit from the use and appreciation of KitToken's value. Ultimately, through a Point of Stake Plan (POS), KitToken holders receive participation in the benefits of the business activities of KitToken Inc.

ERC20 is simply a subset of the Ethereum tokens. ERC20 is the standard interface for the token code. It enables seamless interaction with smart contracts and permission applications on Ethereum blockchain. Thus, KitToken will follow the standard functions of ERC20 but not in entirety. A part of function may allow outside integrations depending on the required function of KitToken on KitPay platform.

 KitToken aims to become the first stable digital currency whereby the distribution and value of the currency is not controlled solely by the miners, but also the community of users, merchants and businesses having a vital role.KitPay provides a unique hybrid Ethereum model for storing and processing digital transactions in a secure and transparent way encompassing Proof-of-Work (POW) and Proof-of-Stake (POS). POW entails the number of transactions or purchase of KitToken by token holders. POS records the storage of KitToken in an individual wallet for the purpose of distribution of profit.

The KitPay Wallet is a cross-platform wallet, enabling users to store KitToken.

For the KitToken, the wallet provides the following functionalities:

● Generate a new address on the Ethereum blockchain network.
● View KitToken balance and send transactions to other wallets.
● View transactions, pending releases.
● Create payment request and display them as QR codes.
● Scan QR codes to send KitToken payment in 5 Seconds.


KitToken will undergo professional security overhauling and blockchain smart contract test to the quality of the security infrastructure before launch.

KitPay platform will involve people of various blockchain technology to actualize the transfer of money. Professional has devoted their time to ensure the credibility of the platform while reducing cost.

KitToken and KitPay is developed on Ethereum blockchain and running on the main Ethereum node.

• A safe and secure environment
• Linking traders and individuals
• Low cost, fast and reliable transactions
• Profit sharing among holders
• Business activities supported by strong assets
• Global self-regulation and money transfer technology team

Token Information

ICO and Pre-sale information

Early Bird sale event
20th to 25th July (Bonus 70%)
26th to 31st July(Bonus 50%)

ICO sale

1st phase -August 1st to 10th (Bonus 30%)

2nd phase-August 11th to 20th (Bonus 20%)


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