GSENetwork The Decentralized Trust Network for Sharing Economies

GSENetwork is a crypto project aimed to solve the problems in the sharing economy world, starting from high transaction fees and the lack of benefits for all parties in the whole ecosystem. One of their strategies is "green mining", an incentive scheme where participants will get tokens as the reward for doing some specific task/behavior that is defined in the smart contract.

How well will this system work? Let's dig in deeper.

The GSENetwork Platform

This is a well structured platform designed to specifically bring decentralization to the Global sharing Economy and solve the existing problems with guarantee trust and maximum security. The GSENetwork platform is referred to as the second generation of the Global sharing economy that will deploy the blockchain technology to achieve it purpose.

As a developed and working product GSENetwork is backed up with three strong infrastructures which i referred to as the Trinity Pillars Of GSENetwork. Briefly i shall be discussing these infrastructures below:

Dservice: The Decentralized Service is the core of the GSENetwork solution. This infrastructure will be deployed by the GSENetwork to completely distribute the Sharing Economy to its end users in the marketplace. This will work with the delegated proof of stakes (DPOS) to ensure a transparent pricing system, an Anti-Fraud system, multiple user profile rating system and order dispatching system.

Incentive Model: Just like a multi level businesses and organizations that aim to satisfy its customers, the GSENetwork is not left out as the system have put together a well structured incentive model package to incentivized it users. This will be carried out through the green mining. The green mining is designed to help validate transactions which is equivalent to the GSENetwork token.

Trust Network: One of the major challenge in the existing sharing economy is trust and GSENetwork have device a means to ensure maximum trust in the ecosystem. The GSENetwork trust network helps in analyzing specific users activities to know what their interest is and also allowing them to select their area of interest.

Will it work?

Another interesting question that we should ask is, will it work? Sure, we like money so much, but does that mean we will do it all the way? Of course not. Personally, I think it can work, as long as some conditions below are met:

Token price is not so bad, or the payout is pegged to fiat. If the token price is too low, or the payout is not pegged to fiat, then the 'incentives' coming from this process might not worth so much.

The product is working as good as it should. Without a working product, it is impossible to ensure this incentives system will work. You can say that without a good product, any discount that you give for it won't affect your sales at all.

Based on that scenario above, I think "green mining" might be a good strategy for GSENetwork. Applying such incentives to a new and on-going business will increase the rate of participation that is needed for the growth of the network.
  • Token Economy
  • Token Ticker: GSE
  • Token Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Standard: ERC-20 compatible
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 GSE
In conclusion, the GSENetwork is completely deploying the blockchain technology to enhance trust and integrity in the global sharing economy. Hence with the GSENewtwork, we can gladly say goodbye to all the challenges that were experience in the existing sharing economy. GSENetwork is a working product already and its token with symbol GSE can be track in the coinmarketcap and it has be listed in various cryptocurrency exchange.


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