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This is awe-inspiring, this is truly a bomb to the cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem; let’s welcome a platform that utilizes blockchain technology in decentralizing and democratizing the crypto exchange ecosystem. Indeed information is power and if you genuinely want be the pertinent in any place of the society, and any other fields, then you require information to stand out and be steps ahead of others. So many people have lost millions of money investing in the cryptocurrency simply because they good information of the projects they invested in. It's worthy to note that crypto investments which are online investments predicated on the blockchain technology are very much remuneratively lucrative, but without the congruous cognizance, things can go the other way round. After an exhaustive study on the issues bothering the exchange markets today, and going through the materials of most exchange platforms, we very confident to present to you one of finest cryptocurrency exchange project- BitcoinBing

BitcoinBing is a cryptocurrency trading platform. BitcoinBing has proven to be one of the most advanced and reliable future platforms for cryptocurrency trading with a high caliber of security - one of the safest, most expeditious and most potent platform. The uniqueness of this platform is that cryptocurrency owners can directly exchange their coins into their country currency without passing through few giant cryptocurrencies (e.g; BTC and ETH).

Bitcoinbing uses P2P (peer-to-peer) technology, which utilizes the entire mechanism of the blockchain concept which is a decentralized network and is distributed to all nodes so that the network cannot be compromised by a single node, which will give users absolute control over what they want in cryptocurrency trading.


THE LACK OF A STRUCTURAL VOLUME: This is capable enough to contain the operations of an exchange system. This results from several setups that come on the scene with little or no preparation, thinking they can handle the huddles and the pressure of an exchange system like that. However, many of them fail but bitcoinbing has taken it time for a magnificent structural craft that will span the entire world of crypto-market the bad and good seasons.

LOW SECURITY VOLTAGE OF THE MOST EXCHANGE SYSTEM: This has also called for a huge sorrow in the crypto world in that many of the clients and the users have used their precious funds to invest into a project or platform they believe in but in return, they experience loss over a loss.

Furthermore, hackers have also seen the crypto exchange systems as a customer when it comes which platform they easily hack. However, this venture will provide a system that will be duly audited and carefully design in a way that not security bridge can surface.

RIGID MARKET CONDITIONS: Most of the present exchange systems do have what is called a shadow book resulting to a significant delay in transactions but in bitcoinbing, this will in no wise occur as this venture has detected it to be the reason for the slow functioning system that is plaguing the present exchange systems across the ledger world.


MULTI CURRENCY PAIRS: Through the provision of the multiple currency pairing operations, all users will be able to perform various transactions at once without one affecting the other. With this, the system will also provide the best experience for it clients across the globe.

STACK TRADE DESK: These will enable the clients to be able all their assets which will also open them up to the advantages of investing with maximum calculated risks. It also accumulates the total amount of their various assets in their dashboard.

DESKTOP AND MOBILE FRIENDLY: This venture will provide the best interface for both the mobile and desktop users. Through this, all clients will have the best transactions experience without losing any transactions.

RISK MANAGEMENT: This system will also see to it that, the risk management is efficiently low and can be accepted by several ventures for their usage. The low risk of this system is done with the is of Integrations that is embedded into the system.


This venture brings great advantages to it users via the enablement to make-transactions with zero-fee
The wallet provided is duly secured with a high tech rated that belongs to the block chain operations.
This venture will provide help round the clock by the well trained specialists on the platform.

Token/ICO Details

A utility token is a functional token that, through smart contract programming, can be utilized in many different ways. In the case of BING it can be used to pay for services within the platform as well as to Zero trading fees.

Token: BING
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

Price of preICO: 1 BING = 0.50 USD
Prices at ICO: 1 BING = 0.50 USD

Tokens sold: 150,000,000

Investment Info

Min. 0.2 ETH investment
Receives: ETH, BTC
Distributed in 15% ICO

Soft cap: 4.000.000 USD
Hard cap: 40.000.000 USD

Project Roadmap


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