EndChain ICO: Blockchain Logistical Supply Chain Solution

EndChain is a decentralized platform utilizing open protocols and utilities with the purpose of disrupting the logistics industry even as connecting transportation companies, producers, forwarders, and different applicable occasions via transparent, simplified transactions. The result of this will be a seamless alternate of objects in a tightly closed and traceable manner.

EndChain emphasizes the entire logistics chain process. That is, from the manufacturer to the business, to retailers up to the consumers. This will allow EndChain to grow to be a blockchain solution that is convenient to use and recognize for all the gamers interior the grant chain.

By addressing the wishes of the logistics organization throughout the production process, EndChain will improve the widespread experience and facilitate the mass adoption of the blockchain.

How Will EndChain Work?

EndChain ambitions to cowl every sector of the supply chain, together with the second-hand market. Our product will be affordable, allowing even everyday items to be tracked on the blockchain. Additional functions for communications among the supply chain & permitting to set up subchains, further enhances the relevance of the product for the grant chain.

Who is fascinated by EndChain?

EndChain presents an entire and economical logistics bundle that benefits all events of the supply chain. While the most utility tokens center of attention on excessive give up goods, EndChain focuses on the low to center market, a place that has been not noted for too long. EndChain is able to enter this market due to the ease and low fee of our gadget compared to other utility tokens which focus on costly NFC chips or guide entry.

Self-Correcting System

Should the market for EndChain be depressed, more tokens will be wished to pay for every order. When more tokens are used, more will be burned; accordingly using the price up until equilibrium is reached. As a result, it's safer to maintain EndChain for a longer length of time as there are protections in opposition to charging decreases. Thus, EndChain will have a self-correcting device which permits for a secure economy.

How EndChain Blockchain Logistical Supply Chain Solution Works

EndChain will combine all the merchandise on its grant chain with patent pending barcode and QR combination in order to make it effortless for companies and customers to use the chain. Additionally, this mixture will decrease confusion amongst logistics providers and allow EndChain to effortlessly integrate present systems.

The foremost challenges dealing with manufacturers today is supply chain mismanagement and counterfeits. EndChain gives a answer to this problem by means of monitoring all products from the factor of inception to their last destination. To make the tracking possible, every product is scanned at the point of manufacture and assigned an individual chain identifier.

Furthermore, EndChain will take away theft and make sure responsibility via the transportation code, which is scanned and sent to distribution and transportation centers. This monitors the movement of the objects via the distribution method until their remaining destination.

After the customers receive their item, EndChain will minimize the amount of work executed through the save employees and consumers as the employees will solely be required to scan the item in order to register the product as bought on the blockchain.

Consumers can resell their items the use of the EndChain system, which will facilitate the entire method to ensure the authenticity of second-hand items.

EndChain ENCN Token ICO Details

  • Token: ENCN
  • Token Sale Date: December 1st, 2018 – January 15th, 2019
  • Token Price: USD 0.16 – USD 0.24
  • Soft Cap: USD 4 Million Or 23,219,944 EndChain Tokens
  • Hard Cap: USD 15 Million Or 74,567,312 EndChain Tokes


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