IDA - International Digital Asset Management

IDA is a global total asset digitisation solution linking the real and digital economies through the integration of Internet of Things (IoT), big data, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies on on a public blockchain. IDA is partnering with global tech leaders, MATRIX AI Network to provide the underlying blockchain and AI technology, and Sigfox for IoT applications.

The IDA system permits thedata to really constitute assets with increased digital ownership rights on the blockchain. At the same time, itincreases the property and circulation of real assets, through making AN "Internet of everything" that promotesdigitalisation of the $64000 economy. The International Development Association system provides AN enterprise quality conversion solution and practicality to make a thriving ecosystem for exchanging all qualified real assets.

The twenty first century can be viewed as the dawn of a globalised know-how economy. Traditional commercial enterprise models and markets are bracing for varying stages of disruption from the maturation of swiftlyevolving statistics technologies. IDA is creating a facts ecosystem that integrates the actual and information economies, offering a whole digitisation solution that uses the Internet of Things (IoT), large data, and synthetic talent on a digitised asset public blockchain.

Project Features

Verified trust: Using leading-edge IoT technology over the blockchain, IDA enables accurate verification of asset ownership rights,

Rapid circulation: The IDA platform utilizes the advanced technology of MATRIX to digitise assets on the blockchain, which will increase circulation ten-fold compared with traditional marketplaces.

Free exchange: Assets on the blockchain in the IDA ecosystem can be freely converted, across the region, avoiding monopolies; lowering the touch points in circulation, thereby reducing transaction costs.

Risk mitigation: The IDA platform ensures the security of transactions on the blockchain, through a big data processed by AI, and distributed ledgers.

Collaboration: The IDA platform gives all participating organization and individual the ability to build an open international ecosystem for exchanging any qualified real assets.

IDA Tokens

IDA tokens will be used as units of exchange between members of the IDA ecosystem. The goal of introducing an IDA token is to provide a safe and convenient way of payment and settlement between participants who interact in an ecosystem in the IDA ecosystem.

While MRT is a digital representation of real assets and equity shares in the IDA ecosystem. However, in order to truly allow the distribution of assets on digital platforms, it is necessary to create standard formats for transactions in the media. Token IDA solves circulation problems for the MRT, which represent different asset categories.

IDA Token Sale

Token issuing mechanism

1) Rules for participating in institutional purchasing round

[Exchange ratio] 1ETH=10,000 IDA tokens, 1MAN=10 IDA tokens

[Early bird private purchasers] no locking or restrictions

[early bird timeframe] 08/05/2018 through 09/05/2018

[Issuing details] Tokens from this round of private purchasing will be released through smart contracts, using the official centralized whitelist structure. Early bird private purchasers will be able to buy tokens at a 20% discount. The normal private purchasing timeframe will be at regular price.

2) Rules for participating in private purchasing round

[Exchange ratio] 1ETH=10,000 IDA tokens, 1MAN=10 IDA tokens

[Private purchasing round] no locking or restrictions

[Private purchasing timeframe] 09/12/2018 through 10/15/2018

[Issuing details] For this round all participants will receive tokens before listing on exchanges.

The #digitization of assets combines #blockchain #AI #IoT & #Big Data to ensure information transfer is secure, accurate & error-free. Value generated by the circulation of these data assets is transferred to SMEs that have digitized them. This is the essence of $IDA's project.

IDA launch in Beijing

Global Launch Ceremony was successfully held in Beijing. Thanks to all of the hundreds of people who joined us  to witness the start of the next big thing in the #blockchain industry. 
IDA will reform #AssetDigitization.

#PrivateSale #Crypto #IoT #PublicChain

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