StateU - The New Fintech & Real Estate Dapp Using Blockchain Technology

About stateU

StateU is a decentralized software program any deposit card fee processor that makes use of blockchain to discover and stop fraud. Online money transfer (Fiat), 5 x extra low-cost & 8 x faster. Prepaid debit cards, with credit to fund holders and without limits. Real estate Web plataform, books as properly as promoting property online way, using Blockchain to transfer ownership

How the tutorial it works

The following is a simple simulation for which this will work. 
For example, Mr. Jhon would like to send money from Spain to London directed against his colleagues, then the first factor he do is send 100Euros TransferU account, and this transaction will be 3.5% budget. While the method of payment will be wearing the conventional methods of payment, aka 0.5% + 1 Euro wear ESU Ethereum TokenHector, fellow Jhon will get the money the same day. This transaction will use 2 shipping options, TransferU, wearing a national bank account then the city can ensure that the transaction is secure because the hefty TransferU had a role as escrow. 
Users can get the info not same of the features provided 
With E-banking software that the team provides the user will be able to easily meet their needs, users will be able to make deals to wear this software anywhere and anytime. In addition, each user will obtain protection that uses 3d technology safe for Visa and Mastercard payments every second. to manage any transaction the user do team work wear Oncloud, card technology people and I think pretty well with disruptive technology as well as deeds of DAO. as well as those who do not are not more important will be featured wearing 7 languages. 

ESU Token Real Estate Platform 

using Escrow Multisig ESU Transfer, every user can also write down any sale of real estate, at blockchain them. The purpose of Economic Affairs of the project is to minimize the budget as well as our obligation to spend time in doing online transactions as well as the sale of real estate. and we as potential users do not need doubt this again, because, in fact, this team has not a little experience in helping companies in the real estate sector in the process of selling the property, the sort of House and other buildings. Online money transfer service is a tool that can help increase foreign investment in underdeveloped countries. for this argument, they support 100% of the real estate Economic Affairs. 

Sales registered forever in Blockchain 

With the use of suitable from blockchain, we will be able to save the documentation on property sales, the identification of the buyer as well as the legality of money. The title of the owner will be kept forever, thanks to algorithms "evidence of stocks", info is safe and not temporary. 
Keep a log of blocks will make it easier to find and track properties. This example belongs to a property that had been seized on the tax levy, left and the nature without good titles. All of them was scam targets 

STATEU Tokens Go Into Details 

The use of the token is created and developed with the aim to provide services as well as help the Intermarket, every activity that is built to wear this token is being arranged and written in Blockchain without you guys acted at all. by wearing this token we as users will be very lucky because we will be able to minimize the budget international money transfer as well as our property sales budget. 

Token Information 
Symbol: ESU 
Type : Utility 
Crowdsale: Yes 
Crowdsale Tokens = 45,000,000 ESU (52,9411%) 
Presale Start = 15 November 2018 
Presale End = 28 November 2018 
Crowdsale Start = 29 November 2018 
Crowdsale End = 31 Desember 2018 
Token price = 1,5USD 
Pre-sale = yes 
Pre-sale Disccount = 30% private Investment 
Soft Cap = 20,000,000 ESU 
Tokens for Developers = 10,000,000 ESU 
 Humanitarian aid Tokens = 950,000 ESU 
Art sponsoring tokens in Colombia= 950,000 ESU 



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