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About URIS ICO (token sale)

URIS ICO aim – create an absolutely decentralized task ecosystem to drive a financial increase in emerging markets, the place startups can achieve more cost effective get admission to funding, and buyers can locate new preferences to help new ventures and earn above-average returns.

Uris Foundation is a Non-profit Organization headquartered by using a mix of Entrepreneurs, task capitalists, and impartial Investors who share the trust that entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of development in the emerging markets, and that obvious and efficient innovation can foster an open, cooperative, sustainable, and prosperous future for a rising exceptional of startups in each and every industry worldwide.

We intend to supply younger organizations simpler get entry to funds, tools, and the training wished to flip their ventures into world-class organizations and promote dynamic and obvious improvements to resource rising entrepreneurs can elevate capital and make bigger their business for lower costs.

The Uris Foundation is most interested in assisting startups with the strength to catalyze economic boom and provide practical solutions to real-world problems.

URIS ICO Crowdfunding platform

The crowdfunding platform permits entrepreneurs to faucet into the coronary heart of Uris ecosystem to raise cash for their small businesses. Within the framework of the project, the organization plans to launch a crowdfunding platform (Uris Exchange) for startups and VC money interaction.

The platform can supply a bendy shape of funding with a wide set of functionalities. It will characteristic an online exposition the place startup managers can sell or auction off merchandise such as gifts, t-shirts, posters, and other promotional products.

The final, complete set of features will be designed and developed after considering feed- lower back from the product’s first users.

URIS Freelance platform

To aid the giant part of Uris’s operation and the ecosystem, a technological know-how platform with different elements is necessary.

Uris Foundation’s targets to create a greater transparent, liquid, and professional assignment ecosystem to pressure monetary boom in rising markets – where:

– startups can obtain simpler and more cost-effective get admission to funding,
– funding managers can raise funds, and
– professional carrier vendors can provide to advertise and bid on projects.

The services platform is a featured freelance marketplace where companies can apply for open positions and provide their abilities to startups teams within the theories ecosystem. Then, startups will have direct get entry to our competitive services marketplace. Making it less difficult to locate and appoint pinnacle freelancers, internet developers, and advertising groups – inexpensively.

The platform will be the go-to spot to find skilled people who provide get entry to technical aid. Similarly, our future trading platform will empower buyers to act as manufacturer champions across the world.

URIS Exchange platform

The Exchange platform provides all the latest facets and benefits users would anticipate from a modern cryptocurrency exchange.

Also, the alternate helps cross-platform interactions permitting merchants to have direct get admission to evaluation upcoming ICOs and IPOs hosted on the Uris crowdfunding platform.


The project team believes that the usage of Blockchain and URI ICO tokens will assist to make bigger the funding inflows towards start-ups and make the whole manner greater efficient and transparent.

URI token is designed as the only foreign money used in the ecosystem by way of startups to elevate cash for members and VC cash to invest.

Token Name - URIS
Token Symbol  - URI
Platform - Ethereum
Total Supply - 105,000,000 URI
Price - 0.2 USD
Soft cap - 20.000 ETH
Payment Method - BTC-ETH-LTC
Country - Switzerland

Soft cap Project - 20000 ETH, hard cap - 40000 ETH.


The improvement of an ecosystem for investments and reliable support in the improvement of sincerely promising initiatives might also be of pastime to a giant audience. It is worth noting that Uris already has MVP to warranty the launch of the platform.

The team is meeting

Project contact information:

Website: https://ico.uris.io/
Whitepaper: https://ico.uris.io/static_files/whitepaper.pdf
Bounty BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5077016
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5061844
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Uris_io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uris.io/
Media: https://medium.com/@urisplatform
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/uris_io

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