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CryptoProfile are an upcoming organization operating out of Singapore, one of the world’s leading hotspots for ICOs over the last few years, as well as being a forward-thinking and proactive area for blockchain technologies and developments. These factors, as well as the proximity to the very active and engaged markets of South Korea, Japan and China among others in Asia, made it an optimal place to base the website. It was founded in June 2017 by Infochain holdings Pte. Ltd and then went live for the public in October 2017. Since then it has grown from strength to strength and built up a core of dedicated followers, fans, and supporters.

The CryptoProfile website aims to give information on the following key areas :

1. Information on existing alt coins and tokens
2. Live, real-time updates on news and cryptocurrency prices
3. Charting and market analysis
4. Ongoing reviews of popular cryptocurrencies

A little more about CryptoProfile

CryptoProfile’s goal is to become a blockchain-based website known allover the world for it’s specialisation in content, media, financial and investment information. It also aims to deliver down to earth, easy to read updates on all topics related to cryptocurrency for those new to the industry and also interesting and provoking and informative stories for those who have been involved for much longer too. It is a fast moving space and the team are passionate about the potential of blockchain to achieve transformative changes while also being clear about the challenges faced, and the important

CryptoProfile draws on six key pillars for the strategy and vision of it’s goals: Data Integrity, Automation of Big Data Collection, Ease of Use, Community Support, Education and Maxi Chart.

CryptoProfile has over half a decade of experience already of working with blockchain companies. This has enabled the team to leverage this experience to work with ICOs to assist them in successful planning and execution of ICO campaigns. Using their experience, wisdom and insights to help the new ICO campaigns to source all the key things needed to make their projects succeed, including raising capital, delivering effective marketing, getting the best team possible, networking with the right people, achieving the best media outreach, and working with ICOs to achieve regulatory compliance.

CryptoProfile ICO

CryptoProfile has its own token “CryptoProfile” with the total coin supply capped at 753,471,015. The hardcap is $30,463,808 while its soft cap is $1,162,556. You can learn more about the ICO campaign and how to get involved in it here. CryptoProfile (CP) has initiated a transformative idea that will revolutionize cryptocurrency airdrops and prove highly beneficial for those holding CP tokens. Read about the whitepaper here, and there is also a bounty campaign which you can learn about here too.

Using CryptoProfile

The default configuration will receive the crypto policies automatically. The example configuration has a set of information for each one of the tunnels which you must configure. The server-side configuration is usually a superior place to defend against security vulnerabilities, as opposed to the user side, which does not need to get a good summary of security. The logical tunnel interface doesn't require an IP address if you don't wish to manage it. Many times, the user doesn't have the means to recover the payment or claim the digital good. When public key authentication is utilized in a manufacturing environment, a proper SSH key management system also needs to be put in place. Please note that should you're not inclined to finish the KYC verification or some other conditions specified by Cryptoprofile, your tokens won't be released when the ICO arrives to a stop.

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