DAXICO — Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform ( Currency trading strong and growing )

Daxico is a new exchange, wallet and peer-to-peer cryptocurrency payments platform. While the main usage is as a place for customers to trade, we can also use it for saving our crypto or doing peer-to-peer payments. Even though it is new, Daxico claims that they connected with or provide liquidity to ensure the best trading experience. Can you use this platform as an alternative exchange, or even use this as your main exchange? Before you answer that, you should know more about Daxico.

More than just an exchange, Daxico is three powerful applications in one. It allows users to exchange crypto currencies, store various digital assets in a secure wallet, and send peer-to-peer payments seamlessly. Daxico has the features of a bank, an exchange, and a peer-to-peer payment system. It is truly a one-stop destination for all cryptocurrency needs.

Targeted at crypto-novices and professional users alike, Daxico has an intuitive user interface. Its features are familiar to anyone, who used online banking. All assets are kept in in accounts with the same send/receive interface regardless of the underlying asset. The exchange has an intuitive basic interface and an advanced interface with charts and graphs for professional traders.


If their system didn’t require your email to register, then they shall also forget about KYC and submitting IDs and phone verification. If you are thinking how the system is going to allow two factor authentication, the solution is to use the code generator with the time-based password protocol like the Google Authenticator. They do all these for the security of your funds and the exchange as a whole so if you forget your password, they can not recover your accounts for you. Unless of course if you have generate a recovery mnemonics seed that you saved somewhere. Generating Nmemonics and keeping it is the most important thing that you can do for your account and funds to be recovered for its the only that can give you access. Without it, forget your money.

We See What’s Coming in the Future

The adoption of these digital assets are going to transform the way we live in the next few years. Everything in the future can be bought using our mobile phones for there might have no fiat anymore — major Chinese cities are already cashless. People like you can casually access to financial markets without needing credit cards. This is how crypto and blockchain is going to shape the future. We now have more IA projects on blockchain, the old markets like the stocks and FOREX will soon be moving to blockchain and the exchanges today are going to help build the future.

The transition to crypto is going to be slow and right now even DAXICO is available to only certain countries today restriction is imposed to the citizen of USA, Iran, Cuba, Syria and North Korea. Anyone who isn’t a resident in these countries can avail the DAXI tokens which is live on sale. But nope, this isn’t an ICO since the product is almost completed and we are even LIVE.

What is DAXI token is for?

That is the real question here because this is actually what drives the demand and what makes this token valuable. There were no whitepaper being shown yet but the team says in the telegram channel that native token’s use case is that DAXI are going to be use for paying trade commissions, basically transaction fees.

DAXI token is worth $0.10. What you can do since the exchange doesn’t have a fiat pair is that you can trade your BTC to USDT and bid some DAXI for your stash.

Website: https://daxico.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/daxicoex
Reddit: https://reddit.com/user/daxicoex
Official DAXICO Telegram Group: https://t.me/daxicoex

Author: MeGaS1k
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