xCrypt- Modern Hybrid Exchange

Hello to all crypto enthusiasts! We continue to look for interesting and promising projects. Today I propose to get acquainted with the project "xCrypt"

XCRYPT is a kind of cryptocurrency exchange in the sense that it possesses the attributes of both a centralized and a decentralized exchange. I will make out the difference between these two types of cryptocurrency exchanges later in this record. But now, I will be happy to inform you that the Xcrypt team has introduced a good security measure to counter security issues such as accepting an encrypted wallet with AES-256, which are protected offline.

XCrypt is a trading platform designed to exchange and trade coins in peer-to-peer environments. Xcrypt is the first crypto ecosystem with exceptional added value, with their primary focus on their unique exchange; hybrid stock exchange equipped for securities and for a market built for the ERC-721. With Xcrypt exchange, traders can easily relax and forget about the problems of hacking and attacks.

The team has developed a pass-through system that includes a debit card and a social platform for users to interact and build a reliable community. The xCrypt ecosystem is built to ensure that all of its segments can function both individually and autonomously. Their main goal is to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency using its network. Through their network, various services will be available to users to take advantage of, providing a noteworthy ecosystem for growth.

XCRYPT is the first high value-added crypto ecosystem with a heart in its exchange. Hybrid, ready for STO and for the market made for the ERC721. We created this end-to-end system, which includes a debit card and a social networking trading system, which is an advanced investment solution that allows you to trade in one account, managed by a skilled and experienced trader, using your own funds and joint funds invested by other traders SMT account.

The objective of the project

The goal is to give all that crypto benefit is expected under a similar roof. All in a highly safe and ultra performant biological system. The top need is our customers. The mission is to add to the advancement of digital money network security. They will create a cutting-edge blockchain-based innovation environment that offers all actions related to digital money, from testing distinctive blockchains through mining, exchanging and placing cryptographic money to making digital money available on conventional installment methods.

Creating a business environment involves redesigning the entire chain of movement to ride the capabilities of integral associates in manners that make more incentives for the end customer. The possibility that an organization’s own prosperity fully depends on the fulfillment of its environment — the system of firms, foundations and people with whom it is associated — is in no way new. There are four motivations to believe that the links of biological systems will prove to be progressively significant in addressing future targeted achievements.

XCrypt project ecosystem

XCRTYPT is the first high value-added crypto ecosystem with a heart on the exchange: hybrid, ready for securities and for the market made for erc721. We created this end-to-end system, which includes a debit card and a social platform for our users to interact and create a strong community. This ecosystem is designed to be on par with the major global players, and even surpass them, because we are already suitable in the future of this area. The differences between xCrypt and its competitors are few and will be explained below in a user-friendly graph.


Token value: 1 XCT = 0.1 USD
Soft cap: 7 million USD
Hard cap: 75 million US dollars
IDAX IEO Phase 1 bonus:% 20
IDAX IEO Phase 2 Bonus: NA
BITFOREX IEO Phase 2 Bonus: NA

XCT will make two pre-sales at the IDAX Foundation.
First sales will start:
  • May 24, 2019, 17:00(UTC+8)
  • End of sale: May 25, 2019, 17:00 (UTC+8)
xCrypt will be listed on LATOKEN after the end of Token Sale!

Detailed information:

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