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NUPay platform is a blockchain-based market which ensures transparency of transactions made on the platform. Transparency of transactions ensures that buyers can take higher care of their assets and thereby keep away from being ripped off. Blockchain technological know-how has made great strides providing possible solutions to age-long issues that has plagued humanity. Forexample, Bitcoin and ethereum have delivered about progressive ideas and ideas that have been of so lots help to humanity such as currency and smart contracts which has helped in finance, manufacturing, fitness and other sectors of the economy.

NUPay is a platform which seeks to harness the efficacy of the retail market by using connecting merchants, stores and users together by using an infrastructure which will each encourage the utilization of cryptocurrency fee options and serve as a profit-sharing venue for all pall participants concerned in transactions. Adoption of cryptocurrency is developing even with the decline of the market valuation, corporations and governments of the world are step by step implementing blockchain infrastructure or making use of the foreign money to raise fee performance. NUPay seeks to serve as that tons wanted one-stop economic solution that will now not simply offer cryptocurrency charge however also create an convenient gateway to spend diverse payment picks namely: present cards, vouchers, reward factors e.t.c for fee for goods and offerings throughout numerous on line and offline stores via each direct and oblique partnership.


The following factors are intended to complement the range of the necessary blockchain system NUPay, with the assist of which entrepreneurs and users will obtain extra benefits over present normal financial systems:

  • Thanks to a big resolution of exclusive fee methods, NUPay will additionally display extra vouchers, gift cards and other reward factors that the consumer can use to purchase any goods and services. For example, you have purchased some goods and you will be charged an amount of 2% of the total quantity of your purchase in the structure of tokens credited to your wallet. This merchandising intends to encourage and inspire customers to select NUPay device as their potential of fee greater often;
  • Due to the blockchain network, the developers have performed the lowest possible Commission costs, which will enable all customers of the NUPay platform to keep away from sizeable waste associated in most instances with large commissions from standard financial systems;
  • In addition to the truth that the person will be in a position to buy a big variety of items and services through a giant network of partner stores, technical assist will additionally tell you how you can use the internal tokens NUPay additionally in the funding plan. To do this, you  solely pick the appropriate part in the menu section and get all the essential assist from technical support. 


Someone tried to Supplement the present gap with debit cards, any person with the presence of cryptocurrency ATMs. It would seem that what ought to be the trouble here?! Nevertheless, many initiatives are experiencing big difficulties in developing their economic ideas, given that it is no longer usually so easy to discover business partnerships with which to earn their crypto solutions. In addition to these problems, many startups ride a variety of different terrible moments related with the inefficient operation of the crypto-currency assets themselves, where the user will pay a huge Commission for all the various exchanges and conversions.

Analyzing the present problems, the group of experts came to the conclusion that they can be solved by using desirable planned work of all important elements worried in the work of the cryptocurrency platform. Thus, at the intersection of thoughts and opportunities, a new decentralized mission used to be born, which seeks to supply the fine provider for the provision of cryptocurrency services. 

ICO NUpay Details

TPCT serves as the fuel of the NUPay platform and it positive aspects utility as a ability of fee for goods and services with minimal transaction price and convenient transition into fiat currency, on the spot cashback/reward for the use of retail services on the platform and ultimately a requirement to use NUPay Services. Unlike other Cryptopayment platforms, NUPay has secured severa partnerships for its platform and this will ensure the usability and demand for TPCT. TPCT will at first be issued as an erc-20 token with a maximum grant of 2.5 billion gadgets for the purpose of the preliminary coin imparting (ICO) then later swapped for its equivalent on the NUPay blockchain. The Initial coin offering is currently ongoing and scheduled to give up with a public sale slated to start on the 4th of March 2019 and give up on the thirty first of May 2019. The Public Sale price is pegged at 25000 TPCT for 1 ETH although different cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ripple will additionally be accepted.

Token name: TPCT
Platform: Ethereum ERC-20
Token price: 1 TPCT = 0,00004 ETH
Soft Cap: 500,000,000 TPCT
Hard Cap: 1,000,000,000 TPCT
Minimum Purchase: 0,1 ETH


NUPay is a gorgeous initiative that can greatly enlarge the utilization of cryptocurrency as a skill of price global due to the broad spectrum of business outlets, merchants and partnership the platform already boast of and is equipped to partner inside the nearest future in order to provide one of a variety finance/ business carrier for all degree of users inside the ecosystem. NUPay will simply be a title to reckon with in the E-commerce industry in the nearest future.

Those are some of the latest developments and keep watching. NUpay will provide shocking information, stay here.

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