TPCT Token NUPay, through all-in-one payment platform

Many suppliers have counseled their personal Options, such as crypto debit cards, on- and offline charge systems, or cryptocurrency exchange-like services for money conversion, as preferences to the current machine or as catalysts for another"stage"

But These jobs that are crypto-payment-related face Problems in organising a more systematic that is impenetrable connection with the fee infrastructure and finding commercial enterprise partners. The execution of their merchandise in the world requires patience. The NUPay Project group working to overcome and has began to address the problems of the price method.

Many providers, for example debit card that is crypto Suppliers, on- and offline crypto fee approaches, and cryptocurrency market companies, depend on partnership, that covers a determination of connections. Through ventures and direct, the NUPay Project group of workers has diverse corporation and save affiliations to grant journey to customers.

Our job Won't be constrained to crypto-payment services alone. Crucial solutions, such as wire transfers and withdrawal solutions, will be carried out to development NUPay as a choice gadget as the job progresses.

The aim of nUPay would be to set off the NUPay crypto charge By connecting shops and customers platform. Thorough charge offerings incorporate characteristics of blockchain technology.

Will Start by using launch our payment, NUPay Platform, in an early segment in Korea and expanding to different areas of the Earth resulting in the introduction of a ecosystem that permits a international on- and offline payment method.

Increase earnings, and manage customers. A succinct UI Format this is effortlessly accessible to all and sundry permit shops to make use of patron data to beautify operations and will enable consumer manipulate that is viable.

Merchants can hyperlink by way of the POS to NUPay Network Payment may additionally additionally be created via the QR code scanning.

Intends to grant more than a few charge strategies which Incorporate with the factors on hand and on-line the place customers choose to utilize services, and offline shops.


Transactions on cellular pc and computing device have been the fashionable Shops furnish customers an elongated variant of their site. NUPay is currently imparting a web fee service that is compatible with all smartphones and optimized for.


The NUPay Project will set up the NUPay Program to make positive a Seamless purchasing trip for all our customers. Many web sites have mounted packages in response to customers' expectations of trade. With complicated and dedicated packages devices, including biometric technologies on smartphones buying is anticipated to grow.

We are additionally currently searching to QR's incorporation Reader or barcode scanners to fulfill the requirements of one of a kind types of businesses. The NUPay Payment Program presents functions about utilization patterns and the tastes of customers and retailers.

NUPay Card

While retail stays the ingestion Money market and deposit card repayments would be the way of charge in stores. Encourage and to expand tasks at web sites that are offline, NUPay plans to grant cards which would possibly be used at the point of buy of any given partner.

The NUPay Project Team will continue to and has created Expand its partnership with major fee gateway businesses, gift card, and advantage stage issuers, and on- and offline outlets so that our customers are susceptible to extra varied blessings and adventures while making purchases utilizing the severa types of charge backed by using the NUPay platform.

For offerings that are internet, the equal will be applied by the NUPay body of workers Payment system as the effortless payment solutions into the NUPay Wallet that clients might also make use of the net price service of NUPay except alienation. As of now, NUPay has secured franchise shops and franchisees that can make it feasible for 25 million users to do 300 million trades of $26 billion. The NUPay platform will allow buyers to commit cryptos and their assets in factors of approval both offline and online. Brands of services and merchandise accessible on the web by using the NUPay Wallet may additionally be located below.


In the trust that cryptocurrencies will quickly become the norm as a price tool or “money,” severa startups and businesses are getting ready to launch cryptocurrencyrelated offerings and technologies. T PCT, NUPay’s manufacturer token, functions as a medium of alternate and a keep of price that can be spent and collected, credited, or gathered through the NUPay Payment System. The NUPay system, spanning each on- and offline markets, will permit the use of T PCT tokens and other fundamental crypto coins, along with reward points and vouchers. Promoting everyday charge in cryptocurrencies, expanded T PCT’s utility and practicality will enable its characteristic not only as a capacity of fee but additionally as a valuable asset.

ICO Details

Total tokens for sale: 2,500,000,000 TPCT
Soft cap: 500,000,000 TPCT
Hard cap: 1,000,000,000
TPCT ICO Platform: Ethereum

Token info

Ticker: TPCT
Token charge in ETH: 1 ETH = 25,000 TPCT

Bonus program:

0.1 ETH ~ 10 ETH → 10% Bonus, No Lock-up Period
11 ETH ~ 50 ETH → 15% Bonus, No Lock-up Period
51 ETH ~ 200 ETH → 20% Bonus, No Lock-up Period
201 ETH ~ 500 ETH → 25% Bonus, 3 Months Lock-up Period
501ETH ~ → 30% Bonus, 3 Months Lock-up Period

NUPay (TPCT) Roadmap

  • 2018 Q1

NUPay Project Team Established

  • 2018 Q2

Start NUPay Solution Development

  • 2018 Q3

NUPay Partnership (Contract over three million retailers network)

  • 2018 Q4

NUpay Payment Solution Beta Service

  • 2019 Q1

TPCT Token Private Sale / Pre-Sale

  • 2019 Q2

Public Sale — Main ICO

  • 2019 Q3

Begins reliable NUPay Service

  • 2019 Q4

Expand NUPay Asia Network Service (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore)

Project team

-David Seung Co-founder, CEO
-Taesung Yum Co-founder, COO
-Andrew Lee Chief Marketing Officer
-Steve Choi Chief Technical Officer -Peter Lee Operation Manager
-Samuel Yang Blockchain Manager

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