DVMarketplace Decentralized C2C Marketplace Dapp ( DVM )

DVMarketplace has the mission to create a decentralized marketplace based on the vast potential of the cryptocurrency payment system. This enables global access to blockchain-based trading for private and business users. The role of the cryptocurrency in the modern world is growing rapidly. So, if cryptocurrency has the proven potential to become a new accepted payment method, then it’s only logical to create a platform that leverages that potential.

DVM MarketPlace - The MarketPlace With A Difference

The DVMarketplace is a C2C (Client to Client) decentralized marketplace built on the Tron blockchain architecture. Users can easily list their goods and sell them on the platform without hassles. The DVMarketplace supports the sale of both new and used goods, providing users with the opportunity to monetize their fairly used goods and purchase new ones all on one platform!

The DVMarketplace has the mission of revolutionizing the global e-commerce market by building a decentralized marketplace which features the numerous advantages of the cryptocurrency markets with transactions stored on the blockchain. The DVMarketplace has numerous features which ensure the optimal delivery of value to users, these include:

A USER-FRIENDLY TRADING PLATFORM: The DVMarketplace sports a user-friendly interface. Users can easily access the marketplace via the webpage and the mobile applications for Android and iOs which are currently under development. These facilitate the easy and convenient ease of access and use of the DVMarketplace.

GLOBAL REACH: The DVMarketplace is a global marketplace which can be accessed irrespective of geographical locations with support for sixteen(16) countries upon launch with more countries being added subsequently. As a global platform focused on providing clients with the best available customer support, the DVMarketplace will support numerous languages with support for more languages being added periodically.

AUCTION SERVICES: The DVMarketplace also provides auction services for users to post their goods for others to place bids on. This makes it easy for users who have goods that they feel could be bought more than the base price to list their goods and have users bid on it.

TOKEN TRANSACTIONS: One of the major limitations of e-commerce platforms is the currency exchange issue. Users in countries or regions that use a different currency from the platform currency have to either purchase gift cards to access the platform and make purchases or exchange currencies at non-customer-friendly rate. The DVMarketplace solves this problem by issuing its native utility token DVM.

PAYMENT OF DIVIDENDS: The DVMarketplace provides the first-of-its-kind dividend paying marketplace which employs blockchain technology. These dividends are from the profit of realized by the platform, making it a great source of passive income to holders of the DVMarketplace tokens. This provides holders with the opportunity to benefit from the growth of the platform while providing them with a platform to sell their goods. The DVMarketplace pays 50% dividends to DVM token holders.

EFFICIENT CUSTOMER SUPPORT: As a global platform, the DVMarketplace will provide 24/7 client servicing and support with multilingual support, hence, users can effectively communicate their issues and have them resolved promptly without language being a barrier.

STABLECOIN IMPLEMENTATION: One of the major reasons why numerous individuals are skeptical of making purchases with cryptocurrency is the volatility in price. In order to protect users from this unpredictable fluctuations in price, the DVMarketplace employs a stablecoin USDT which has the value of 1 USDT pegged at $1. This ensures that as users do not lose value on the platform from token value depreciation.

DVMarketplace –Platform

One of the main features of DVMarketplace is the use of blockchain technology, which allows you to make the platform transparent, open and as safe as possible to reduce operating business costs, as well as simplify the buying process.

To avoid the volatility of the crypto currency market, our platform will use a stablecoin (USDT) on the TRON blockchain network. This way the users will benefit from both the cryptocurrency and fiat experience: Instant cross- border transactions, better prices, market transparency and liquidity.
Thanks to the opportunities provided by the new technologies we can provide a VCR/Verified Customer Reviews/ – only those customers who have actually purchased the product ( with a confirmed transaction) can share their experience.


Like every new startup project, DVMarketplace will release an initial coin offering (IСO) with Soft-Cap. For this purpose, 200,000,000 (TRC10) DVM tokens are created. Provided to the holders of the token a monthly profits from the profits of the enterprise.

The starting price is 1 TRX per 1 DVM. There is one special option for the TERC /TronEuropeRewardCoin/ holders – they can invest 1 TERC for 2DVM! At the end of the ICO phase, the token will be listed on the crypto exchange. 45% from the total supply will be frozen till the full platform release. After the reaching of the Soft-Cap the DVM tokens will be distributed among the investors. In case that the Soft-Cap is unfulfilled all investments will be returned back.


40,000,000 (TRC10) DVM

The first 30 DVM owners with more than 500k DVM tokens in their wallets get 1 Free DVM Brilliant Token.

DVM Brilliant Token

DVM Briliant is our special VIP Token: with limited supply of 300 pcs. Guarantied minimum price of 50 000 TRX.
All DVM Brilliant token holders will recieve real original commemorative coin.

Advantages of DVM Brilliant token:
1. Free advertising on the platform.
2. Unlimited publications.
3. One free top seacrh advertising per day.
4. 50% more divident profits.
5. Buyback option after project release.

The first thirty (30) holders of 500 000 DVM and above are eligible for a DVM Brilliant token each with 10 DVM Brilliant tokens already allocated to holders with the number decreasing by the minute! After these tokens have been allocated, subsequent holders can only acquire the DVM Brilliant token for at least 50 000 TRX! The DVM Brilliant token has a very limited total supply of just 300. All DVM Brilliant token holders will receive a real commemorative coin.

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