Introducing temtum the purpose built cryptocurrency

Temtum, the next generation payments network designed to solve inherent problems with existing cryptocurrencies

Following the completion of its Temporal Blockchain and mainnet solution, temtum (TEM) will see the next generation cryptocurrency deliver feeless, instant transactions, backed by a highly scalable, sustainable and quantum secure network.

As leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Tron and Ether scramble to develop second layer technology, temtum has been created as a solution to all existing limitations. Using the
latest in cryptography and custom designed for mainstream payment adoption, temtum represents a step-change for the industry and a genuine alternative to traditional fiat currency.

Running on a combination of Temporal Blockchain and temtum’s own innovative, patented Consensus Algorithm – of which have been successfully built, deployed and 3rd party security tested – the temtum cryptocurrency (TEM) can be easily integrated into existing payment infrastructures and applications via their developed and released API.

The temtum network surpasses even market leading technology, including the likes of VISA, Bitcoin and Nano. temtum is currently delivering sustained, provable transaction speeds of 1800 tps on a live network across hours, days and weeks, with block times of just 12 seconds – prior to the release of their sharding and delegation technology. The first currency to utilise a quantum source of randomness, temtum is quantum secure and future proofed against the growing threat of quantum computing. Through its patented technology, temtum can run its entire network on a fraction of the energy required to power Bitcoin.

How temtum Solves Today's Blockchain Problems

Scalability: The Temporal Blockchain eliminates the need to store the entire chain history on all nodes by locally archiving data, while preventing competition in node selection. This significantly reduces resource requirements and allows anyone with a basic form of technology – such as a smartphone user – to fully participate in the network, delivering true decentralization and infinite scalability.

Speed: The speed of the temtum network is limited only by the hardware and bandwidth of network participants. We have created a highly efficient Consensus Algorithm and removed block size limitations in order to confirm transactions into a block extremely quickly, with a maximum confirmation time of 12 seconds. Once included in a block, a transaction is confirmed – there is no need to wait for additional blocks to be added subsequent to the initial block, as is the case with Bitcoin, due to the impossibility of a malicious fork.

Resources: temtum’s Consensus Algorithm, constructed around leader nodes and our innovative Node Participation Document removes the need for mining and wasteful, inefficient and restrictive Consensus mechanisms such as proof-of-work. temtum uses substantially less energy and has less environmental impact compared to POW networks. We estimate that the Bitcoin network is 16,573,693 times more expensive than the temtum network based on energy costs alone, assuming both networks are operating at the same size. The Bitcoin network is currently limited to a maximum transaction throughput of seven transactions per second. The average fee for a Bitcoin transaction from 2017-2018 was $57.35 – and the total cost of a Bitcoin transaction in the same time period, including miner and energy fees, was $104.701 .

Security: Temporal is a quantum-secure blockchain network that uses a photon source for genuine random number generation alongside next-generation hashing algorithms. These prevent the network from being vulnerable to theoretical attacks – even in the case that quantum attacks become commonplace in the near future.

Application practicable of Temtum

Not just theory, Temtum is a entire network equipped to installation the foremost network. Temtum (TEM) is an effective, quantum safe, fast, resource-free and environmentally friendly currency. It can be used on unbiased primary pockets and can also be integrated into common charge systems around the world, serving as a payment platform for both shoppers and businesses. Temtum is an digital foreign money that now not only benefits speculators however is additionally used in a significant way by technology-focused blockchain communities

Temtum brings a top notch step forward with science capable of altering the way that value is exchanged and stored in the world One of the largest advances is that Temtum can run on nearly any connected device. with the net — such as smartphones and IoT devices, automobiles and unmanned aircraft. The integration in the BMW i8 with the Temtum community is the first in the world for auto use as a full node in the network, without hardware upgrades. This helps everyday human beings also have get right of entry to to the benefits of blockchain technology.

Temtum Changes all of that and Represents a Step trade in the Evolution of Cryptocurrencies

It is additionally a long way extra than just theory; it is a performed community that is prepared for important net deployment. temtum is an efficient, quantum-secure, ultra-fast, non-resource intensive and environmentally friendly payment coin (using the acronym ‘TEM’), and an choice to traditional fiat cash (government-printed currency). It can be used on a standalone foundation wallet-to-wallet, and can also be built-in into charge systems worldwide, serving as a charge platform for each customers and businesses. temtum’s ambition is to be an awful lot more than a cryptocurrency that simply benefits speculators and which is only meaningfully used by way of tech-focused blockchain communities – it has an underlying reason enabled through the most state-of-the-art and strong blockchain technological know-how on the market: Temporal Blockchain developed and licensed by means of Dragon Infosec. temtum builds on the sizable possibilities of blockchain technology and overcomes many of the current obstacles faced by way of cutting-edge peer-to-peer networks, which means that they have solely been adopted in a restrained way.

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Temtum is a very conceivable project, it is developed by using a sturdy team, I consider it will emerge as a leading platform. If you love and are fascinated in this challenge please visit.


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